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The History Of NuKE
* In Spring 2002, I buy Alien Front Online, A Tank-Sim with Voice chat for the Dreamcast.
* 1 month later, I pick the name TANKGOD.
* TANKGOD evolves into NUKE.
* NUKE joins his first clan, the Hell Knights (HK).
* HK becomes an online super-clan, and terror is striken in our rival clans hearts.
* After poor leadership by HK'S leader, (ROB) NUKE trys to overthrow Rob, and assume command of HK.
* Only 3 HK members go with NUKE, 7 oppose.
* NUKE cannot belong to a clan with such a idiot for a leader, I quit.
* NUKE is solo for months.
* NUKE buys Unreal Tournament.
* After 1 month of solo fighting in UT, I need a clan to back me up.
* NuKE trys out for KH (Knights Of Honor), but loses, I sucked back then.
* Mario*UCT gives me a chance in UCT (Unreal Crazy Terror).
* After 1 month of intense training, NuKE becomes almost UnStOPpAbLe!
* NuKE'S UCT clan ownz all who opposes them.
* NuKE's UCT clan wins war after war.
* Problems occur between NuKE and Mario.
* Mario offers NuKE a co-leader position, NuKE declines.
* NuKE quits UCT after 4 months of membership.
* NuKE wants to go solo, but that never happens.
* ALL UT Clans want NuKE, even HELL,KH,RF.
* RF's leader ARCANGEL BEGS NuKE to join, NuKE declines.
* NuKE sees a warrior named JACK*187 fight in a room. Jack's skills are very good, very.
* NuKE wishes to join 187, so he asks.
* Jack has no problems with NuKE, so he lets me join 187.
* I'm 187 4 LIFE, even if all 187 quit, I'll wear the tag.

187's History
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