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  Star Wars: Bounty Hunter *Maker: Lucasarts *1 Player *19 Levels

You are Jango Fett, father of Boba Fett, both are feared bounty hunters. Jango, and old Mandalorian Warrior, now captures the galaxy's scum for cold, hard......credits. You have many great weapons at your disposal, such as the blaster rifles,
Jet-pack Missles,Whipcord, and a Flamethrower. All can neutralize enemys effectivly. Mission objectives usually tell you to capture bountys, or to fight someone. The big prize is Komari Vosa, a deranged Dark Jedi. The graphics are great, and very clear. Highly recomended for Star Wars Fans.
NuKE`S Score: 7.5

A pic of Jango Flying.
  Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance *Maker:Several *1-2 Players
*3 Selectable Characters *GCN,XBOX,PC

A very "actionatic" RPG. Less story more action is present here. You can pick from 3 warriors at the beginning, An Arcane Archer, A Elven Soceress, and a Dwarfen Axeman. This is a true "Hack-In-Slash" game, its gets very repetitive, really fast. Theres alot of items, and weapons to buy, which adds to the replay value somewhat. The graphics are good, but you have a fixed camera view (Heli-Copter). Another downside is that all 3 warriors, have the exact storyline. Not recomended.
NuKE'S Score: 4.5

An intense battle in a Ice Cave.
  Metriod Prime Metriod Prime *Maker:NINTENDO *1 Player *Insanely Huge Game *Gamecube Only *GBA Compatible

Absoulutly perfect, even flawless. You are Samus Aran, a galactic bounty hunter who kills Metriods, and Space Pirates for fun. The game is over-loaded with secrets,upgrades,and fun. The graphics are perfect, and sometimes you just stop and doze off in the games stunning visuals. But this is no boring game, its very Intense, and sometimes scary, and the Epic battles await you, since you fight Omega Pirates, Metriods, and Native creatures. Some of your weapons are the ICE Cannon, the WAVE beam, and Missles, just to name a few. Recomended for everyone....Get It Now!!!!!
NuKE'S Score:10.0

Lava Creature!

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