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Our Review:
* Updated Review!
* 1-2 Players *15 Campaign Missions
* Over 30 Selectable Soldiers * FMV Videos
* Tactical Combat

You lead a small combat team, primarily consisting of Green Berets, in this "Tactical-Shooter" game. The storyline is focused on the year 2008, when Russian Extremists take over Russia, and attempt to re-establish the Soviet Union. Your job is to infiltrate enemy lines, and to stop this war, before it happens.
Chris Hunt,Nigel Tunney,Susan Grey, and John Mata, these are only a handful of selectable soldiers. There is a variety of four soldier types: Snipers,Demolition Experts,Support Soldiers,and Riflemen. If a soldier dies within a particular mission, he cannot be used again. IF you do a outstanding job completing a mission, (Completing the Secondary Mission Objective)you will get a "Specialist", a soldier with supreme stats.
The game is entirely in a 1st-Person view, which is suprisingly good. The ally&enemy A.I. are great. On the graphics side it is a very clear game, with solid graphics.
Highly recomended for tactics, and war "sim" fans.

NuKE'S Score: 8.5 of 10

*Online for the PS2, and the XBOX.
The game is very realistic, you see bodies,blood,and death animations.
On some missions YOU will get tank support, but usually you're blowing enemy tanks up.

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